Water Lines

Did you know that the water line that runs from the street to your home is your responsibility? Your water line is buried underground and runs from the meter, usually located near the street, to your home. If you notice a pipe burst, call Creative HomeCare immediately to resolve your water line leak. Your water main can crack or break for various reasons. Galvanized pipe was commonly used in many homes years ago. Over time, galvanized pipe decomposes inside which restricts the flow of water to your home. Eventually, the water pipe begins dripping or bursts. You may live in one of the millions of homes built from the 1970s to the early 90’s where Polybutylene water line was used for water service lines. No matter what type of water line you have, the water service line experts at Creative HomeCare can repair or replace it quickly with minimal disruption. Contact our team today to discuss waterline replacement or repair and discover The Creative Difference.