Trenchless Repair

It is almost inevitable that at some point, you will need to repair or replace your sewer line. Many homeowners and business owners dread having this work done because it requires digging a large trench to access the line. Using traditional methods, depending on the location of your sewer line, you may need to even dig up a driveway or other structure in order to access the sewer line.

At Creative HomeCare, we use trenchless repair to avoid the mess and hassle of repairing lines. Trenchless repair is ideal because it eliminates much of the destruction and disruption that comes with repairing or replacing sewer lines.

Instead of digging a large trench into the earth, trenchless repair involves digging an entry and exit point and then tunneling into the ground.

When a problem is detected within your sewer line, trenchless repair is likely the ideal solution. Allow our experienced team at Creative HomeCare team to fix the problem in the fastest, most effective, and least destructive manner.